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6/1/08: Sam & Dave, Live @ LoFranco’s Quail Hollow, Felton, CA

Yep, Sam & Dave… well, MY Sam & Dave, anyway!

Loads of fun to be had at a very special private property, owned by my friends the LoFranco family. In fact, first let me tell you about that…

You see, Vince & Joyce built this place. The entire place. Piece-by-piece and dream-by-dream, with love in every board, nail and brick. They turned the soil, tended the gardens, and stocked the lake so their grandchildren could go fishing in little boats. It is peaceful and idyllic; a sanctuary.

Before the ceremony...

Before the ceremony...

I have had the privilege of DJing for their family’s weddings, and I won’t talk too much about those, because a few years after one, unspeakable tragedy visited their family. But they were grand, unforgettable celebrations, and that much it is indeed safe to say.

Happily, I have remained friends with the LoFrancos. With the parents, their children and even their grandchildren, who see me perform at their Junior High dances! It is because of this friendship and trust that they allow me to perform at their home for weddings, and in fact almost require that I or someone from Sound In Motion be the DJ if you want to have a wedding there. Luckily, they are doing the bride and groom a favor by requiring this, in my not-so-humble opinion ; )

A look back from the dining site

A look back from the dining site

So, Sam (Samantha) & Dave? They were awesome to be with, and the wedding was a blast. A beautiful ceremony gave way to a laid-back cocktail hour featuring music from The Chairman, Dean-o, Tony Left-My-Heart and such, and then it was on to dining as we all took a walk to the other side of the lake. Of course first we had toasts, which utilized a wireless mic and a second sound system that was well-concealed in the trees so as to not disturb the beauty of our surroundings.

After a nice dinner, it was on to – DANCING! Of course! Again – daytime wedding, dancefloor rammed – end-of-story. Not every time, but most of the time for me. I am thankful (it takes two… or perhaps 47 or so, to Tango), but trust me, it is not accidental.

"You didn't have to love me like you did, but you did, but you DID, and I Thank You!"

My friend Heidi Hughett from Couture Celebrations was the wedding coordinator and did a great job, particularly with some interesting challenges that came her way, and an old friend of mine Greg Sargent and his lovely wife were the photographers.


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May 17,2008: Bridget & Todd

Here we are, another Saturday night ready to be spent hanging out with great people!

Bridget & Todd make their home in Seattle, WA, which made for some great bonding right off the bat as I absolutely love Seattle… hey – have you been to Seattle? It’s one of the best cities in America: very much like the greatest city in the world (San Francisco… and don’t even try to argue that one w/ me ; ). Not as hilly, but kind of hilly. Often chilly. OK I’ll stop that… It has the 5 Point Cafe, a bar/breakfast joint that you have to just experience for yourself (the souvenir shirt says something like “Drunks serving drunks, proudly since 1929”). There is one utterly unforgettable, legendary experience to be had at the 5 Point… maybe I’ll tell you some day over a beer!

Ahhh, the 5 Point...

Ahhh, the 5 Point...

OK – enough about diners.

Bridget and Todd – they rock. Simple as that. Bridget walked down the aisle to “At Last” by Etta James – a choice as classy as she was. After cocktails, we had a huge introduction of the wedding party that led right into their first dance. It was followed by a nice meal at Chaminade (call and ask for Shannon or Angela – they are great folks) and then a night of celebration and dancing (of course!).

Roll the film…

Photography was once again by Craig W. Smith (2 weeks in a row – wow!)

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May 10,2008: Tina & Jim

OK – so I am at a tad of a disadvantage here with this wonderful event 6 months back in the rear view mirror, but I’ll try to recount some of the coolness of it.

Well, you’d have to start with Tina & Jim : )

Have I yet said how much I absolutely LOVE the people I have the good fortune of working with for their weddings?

No? Well, let me say it right here, right now.

Tina and Jim were a joy to be around and just wanted to have a fun, meaningful wedding day and a ripping party at night. I think we managed to hit that!

That is my client right there: I am happiest when I get to have BOTH. Let me make that clear. Because I live for the emotion and connection between people celebrating their love for each other. It gets me high. I was never a drug guy, so it’s not about that – like some weird vicarious high thing or whatever. No, it is truly about this indescribable connection I am privileged to be able to make with people at such an emotionally charged, high-stakes moment in their lives.

I have the best job ever. Ever. End of story. And I enjoy it… every second of it… and appreciate it for all that it is worth.

Man – was that sappy? Maybe. But at least it’s honest : )

So back to Tina & Jim! It all starts at the reception when I get to introduce them and their wedding party to the dulcet strains of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train”! Woo hooooo! You could say that “set a tone” right off the bat LOL!!!

And the party just rolled from there… in a big way.

My set up at the Seascape Golf Club made the most of the “DJ off to the side” layout. In cases like that, I try to run the speakers in a way that they will still end up covering the room evenly and richly with sound. Mission accomplished there for sure.

Here’s a photo:

Seascape Golf Club setup

Seascape Golf Club setup

You can see the DJ console on the far left and the speakers spanning the width of the room/dancefloor. The stereo sound spectrum is full and the sound is great!

Now, here’s a bit of fun:

Dance footage from late in the event, bustin’ out Rob Base’s “It Takes 2” classic!

This event was referred to me by my friend Craig W. Smith, a great guy who was Lance Armstrong’s personal photographer for years. Craig is plenty cool! Check him out if you get a chance.

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