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How to transfer or import Google Chrome bookmarks to a new computer

SIDEBAR: A TECH-TIP from DJ Adrian? No way…

Well, this info proved to be impossible for me to find, so I discovered my own solution and it worked! Since I figured I couldn’t be the only one having this issue, I thought I’d post the solution here for permanent reference.

Here’s the scoop:

I had a laptop with Chrome and a ton of bookmarks that I wanted to still have access to when it went down.

Luckily, I was able to get the HD out and mount it in a box that could be USB’d to my new laptop, but even if I couldn’t have, I could have gotten it off a backup file previously taken. Anyway…

The problem was where the heck the file was. Intuition tells you to, in XP, go to the Programs file on your C drive and it should be easy to find, but alas, no. The entire Chrome operation was nowhere to be found.

So what I did was plug in the old HD and right-click on the old desktop shortcut that I used to open Chrome. Then I selected “Properties”. This told me where the shortcut was going to open the application.

It turned out to be in My Computer/Local Disc C/ Documents and Settings/

Click on YOUR username’s folder.

Then, you will NOT likely see the file you are after, which is called Local Settings, so what you do is go up to Tools/Folder Options/ View and select “Show Hidden Files & Folders” and Apply.

Once you have done this, you will see Local Settings… click it and then click Application Data.

Once you are in there, click Google, then click Chrome. Then User Data, then Default.

INSIDE you will find a file called “Bookmarks” and also “Bookmarks.bak”

I dragged those off my (USB-attached, remember?) old hard drive and dropped them into the *exact same location* on my new computer’s drive (do the same steps above on the new computer to get there) and it will ask you if you want to replace the existing ones with the ones you are dragging. Say “yes”.

Now, open Chrome on your new computer and voila! the Bookmarks are there!

As Brian Wilson, the closer on the 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants, would say, “you’re welcome!”

: )

NOTE: I am not a techno guy. If this process doesn’t work for you I am sorry… I tried. But I will not answer any tech-related questions pertaining to this, as I would probably be almost as lost as you are.


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Viva Las Vegas, 2010

Well, here we are in 2010 and I just got back from five days in Las Vegas at the Mobile Beat industry educational conference. What a great time! Lots of very useful information gathered and shared, and lots of time spent around many friends from around the country (and world) who are also DJs. Sound In Motion DJs & Video surely benefits from these trips we take.

Highlights included:

  • Watching the Super Bowl in the sports book area of Caesar’s Palace: If you aren’t going to the game itself, watching it here is pretty much the next best thing. Just a phenomenal atmosphere… kind of like being at the game, but in a GIANT luxury box! Here’s a video clip of what it was like: it’s the video review of the New Orleans Saints‘ 2 pt. PAT conversion, and the group’s reaction – I’ll never forget the experience!
  • Traditional Ethiopian dinner and coffee ceremony at Merkato Restaurant: As is our custom, Raffi & I chatted up our cab drivers the whole trip, which led to some amazingly funny, informative and even bizarre situations, but hands-down our favorite was Eyasu. He is of Ethiopian descent by way of Cairo, and has been living in the USA for many years now. If you ever are feeling sour on this country or what our situation is here, there is not a better dose of reality available than spending ten minutes with someone like Eyasu, who reminds us all of what life is like in so much of the rest of the world. Look, I’m not one for jingoistic patriotism, but Eyasu’s love for his adopted country is very inspiring indeed. We are very, very lucky to live here.

    We asked Eyasu if there was a good Ethiopian restaurant in Vegas and he turned us on to Merkato at 855 E. Twain Ave. We walked in, and it wasn’t until three hours later that we left. It was incredibly good! The food was outstanding (particularly the Kitfo) and the coffee ceremony was really unbelievable. They pan-roasted raw coffee beans over an open flame right before our eyes as we sat around the fire with the owners and their family talking about everything under the sun. They pan-roasted fresh popcorn as well, and we all got to slow down and know a little bit about each other. In a way, it was quintessentially un-Vegas, if that makes any sense. Anyway, when you go, ask for Rahel, our waitress : )


    Meat and vegetables, salads, and the wonderful injera bread - wow!

    Rahel roasting the coffee

    Raffi about to enjoy some of the coffee while Merkato's owner looks on

  • Hanging out with all of our DJA friends at the piano bar at New York New York and watching Prior Lake, MN’s inimitable Bill Hermann serenade Rebecca Ferrell (and all of us, really) with his confident, soulful rendition of Wilson Pickett’s “Mustang Sally”!

    LL Bill H!

  • Catching several seminars that offered great information, like Nick Covino’s on VJing and Jeff Meuzelaar’s on SEO, as well as great inspiration, like Kent Julian’s “Live It Forward” and Don Piper’s “90 Minutes In Heaven”.

Again, all in all, a great trip. Lots more to tell, really, from the business development side, but let’s just summarize by saying we spent some very, very valuable time with friends old and new and look forward to applying many new ideas to our business in 2010 and beyond!


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DJ Adrian Cavlan to present at the ADJA Summer educational conference “Empowering Your Dreams” in Chicago!

American Disc Jockey Association

American Disc Jockey Association

The American Disc Jockey Association is the largest, most powerful DJ organization in the world. At Sound In Motion, we are proud members of this fine association and continue to become more involved in it.

This summer, in July, the ADJA will be presenting its first-ever large-scale, national educational conference, and, as with anything being headed up by the inimitable Dr. Drax, the focus will squarely be on the betterment of our profession.

The lineup of speakers is a veritable “Who’s Who” of the mobile DJ industry: people like Mike Walter, Jim Cerone, Randy Bartlett and Scott Faver are household names in our industry – so much so that most of the time they are referred to by first name only and you know exactly who is being talked about – which is why I am so honored to have been asked, along with several other up-and-comers, to join this cast in being one of the presenters at this conference. It is truly an honor.

On July 13,2009, I will be giving a presentation called “Mixing For The Pop Music Professional”. It is described on the ADJA website as follows:

Mixing For The Pop Music Professional picks up where beat-matching leaves off, with a particular emphasis on Harmonic Mixing and Programming. Techniques discussed will include how to determine the key signature of a song, how the key signatures interrelate, how to “fix” dissonance in your mixes and how to utilize harmonics in new ways to make your mixes sound better than ever! Additional topics include Phrase Recognition, Overlays, Cut-Mixing and Narrative Mixing. To top it off, Adrian will reveal his most powerful mixing and programming tool and describe in detail how you can make one too!

I am very excited to share this knowledge with such a large audience. I have done the presentation one other time, in Minneapolis for the always-superb Northern Disc Jockey Conference, and the response was very good. After considering some great feedback from my friends Jim Cerone and Brian Harris, I will be honing it even more and hope to be able to really break down and connect these rather complex topics to everyone in the room, regardless of experience.

If you are a DJ and are reading this, I heartily encourage you to join the ADJA and attend this conference in Chicago!

See you there?


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Getting to know John “Johnny Mojo” Munnerlyn…

John Munnerlyn, a.k.a. Johnny Mojo, is one of the most special people I know.

Now, for any of Johnny’s and my mutual friends who may have just read that line, this post is already over because they are literally busting a gut laughing out loud so hard that their drink is shooting out their nose…

But, I am serious, so for those of you who are not in this particular group of friends, I am happy that you will be able to read on.

Johnny is one of those guys who is kind of like a mad scientist. He generally speaks slowly and deliberately, and doesn’t stop speaking until he has finished sharing his entire thought on a subject. Which is not to say that he is particularly long-winded, just that, like my dear father, he is a man of great intellect and talent, and has definitive, unique and well-thought-out positions on most subjects he bothers to talk about. There is no small talk with Johnny Mojo, and there are no five minute check-in phone calls either. It’s almost as if he’s from a different time, a different era… and it’s very, very cool.

Also like my father, Johnny is a gifted musician. He can play a number of instruments well. In fact, this Merle Travis-inspired fingerpicking guitar specialist made himself good enough on drums to actually play in a band with a few of us a while back, and play well. Just did it. No drama, no learning curve, and no ego issues with others playing guitar in the band that he could have smoked with one wing tied behind his back. But, as good as he is, music not his profession, it is his hobby: his main axe is art.

Have you ever noticed that the bottom/underside of a manufactured skateboard usually has custom artwork on it? For example, a given pro skateboarder like, say, Stevie Caballero will be signed to an endorsement deal with a given skateboard manufacturer, like, say Santa Cruz Skateboards (not actually, in this case, but just an example using two of my faves). When the deal is made, the company asks the skateboarder what he’d like his model to feel like (how long, wide, concave, etc) and look like. Once the skater sits down with the company’s graphic artist, they come up with a design and the artist draws or paints it, silkscreens get created and when the board is manufactured, it ends up looking something like these (which happen to be from from Beer Run Skateboards):

Beer Run Skateboards

Beer Run Skateboards

Well, Johnny does that (and very well, of course… say, are you sensing a theme here yet?). In fact, he is one of the world’s foremost and pioneering skateboard graphic artists. His designs are featured in books and museums devoted to skate culture all over the world. Here he is with a few of them:

Johnny Mojo SkateArt

Johnny Mojo SkateArt

The bottom of skateboards are just one of Mojo’s canvases, however. His work goes well beyond the skateboard world and has been seen on at least a dozen record and CD covers, on canvas and wood framed fine art pieces and even on the backsplash of a kitchen stove!

I thought it might be fun to highlight three of Johnny’s latest projects, so let’s take a look:

1) Built To Grind – 25 Years Of Hardcore Skateboarding:
Johnny worked hard on the graphic layout of this entire book! 316 pages of maddeningly meticulous Mojo perfectionism for your education and delight. If you are interested in the history of skateboarding, and particularly that of Independent Trucks, this book is a must-have.

2) American Sideshow: This is Johnny’s new brand, and it is already looking like it will be a huge hit. Clothes, stickers and, thankfully, an inspired new collection of skate decks that bring back the classic feel of the ’80’s and early ’90s. His website will be coming soon, so make a point of checking it out. Of course, all the really cool kids here in Santa Cruz already have their first-issue t-shirts ; )

American Sideshow - Mojo's new brand

American Sideshow - Mojo's new brand

And now, a personal favorite and shameless plug for Johnny’s fantastic new CD release:

3) John Munnerlyn & Lee Jeffriess – Guitars In Perspective: So remember back a few paragraphs ago when I was mentioning Johnny’s Travis-styled fingerpicking guitar? Well, this CD captures some of his finest work yet. And, to make it even better, he recruited world-class lap and pedal steel player Lee Jeffriess from Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys to play with him. They added a few more good session musicians to the mix and recorded a fine album of Western Swing originals, mostly penned by Mojo, but also with a few Jeffriess compositions rounding out what I believe is a very listenable and enjoyable collection. It is so good and universally accessible that I would readily recommend it to people who don’t typically like this kind of thing. The early word is that HBO got hip and has already licensed a few of the tracks for use in their film and TV productions, so you may hear this CD soon enough whether you realize it or not.

The “shameless plug” part? Well, I had the difficult task… and pleasure, truth be told … of mastering this CD with and for Johnny. We did it in my home recording studio on the very laptop I am typing this post on now. How amazing is that? The idea that you can run a decent mastering studio (full recording studio, really) on a laptop in this day and age is a small miracle, particularly to those of us who grew up paying $40/hr. to record at eight track studios running costly Ampex pancakes through Studer tape machines!

Anyway, we used Ableton Live software (the compressors and equalizers got a good workout) to master with, as well as a Studiomaster mixing board and the amazing Adam P11A studio monitors to make it happen. And, while I’m plugging away, I’d like to remind you that if you are a potential wedding, corporate or sports music client of Sound In Motion, you can hire our studio recording, editing and voice-over services to create unique audio and video that will memorably enhance and personalize your event – just ask your salesperson!

Here’s the finished CD (can you guess who did the cover art?):

Guitars In Perspective - outside front & back

Guitars In Perspective - outside front & back

Guitars In Perspective - inside artwork

Guitars In Perspective - inside artwork

If you’d like to listen to a sample of some snippets, click here. If you like it and want to buy one, click here.

So that’s my friend Johnny.

Now, you know him a little bit too : )


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The Perfect Cup Of Tea

Ahhh what the heck…

So I’ve been playing in a band again lately just for kicks. Pulled out the Rickenbacker 4001 and decided to play bass this time – maybe that will be safer ; )

The band I am in is made up of surprisingly hip parents from my kids’ school: it is Tiger, Tim, Dave & Adrian vs. the world, and the world doesn’t stand a chance! LOL!

Now Tim (guitar/vox on left), he’s an interesting one: was a DJ on Pirate Radio in London in the late 70’s, so he was there when The Clash and The ‘Pistols and such exploded out of the UK to rock the complacent music biz of the time to its very core. Tim and I have a great time talking about all the bands from that golden era, and even more fun covering those songs with our band.

One day I was at his house in Prospect Heights and he asked me if I cared for a drink. It was mid-day, so I was contemplating, oh, any of a wide variety of libations, when suddenly it hit me: This bloke’s from ENGLAND. I thought about it for a second and then said, “Tim, you are English, and therefore, I want you to make me a cup of tea.” His face slowly lit up into a smile, and his head tipped a knowing nod: I was about to be educated, and when you love fine and/or interesting food and drink as much as I do, it was a time for excitement!

Easily up to the challenge, Tim first produced an electric tea kettle in which he boiled the water. This is a specialized item made to do just this one thing. Can you imagine? Then, he reached into another wooden cupboard and pulled out an otherwise plain white teapot in which he would steep the tea. I say “otherwise plain” because scrawled in a childish hand on the outside of this unassuming little pot were the letters “M.U.F.C”, in well-faded red felt pen. Looked like something a guy does when he’s had a few… For the uninitiated, this was Tim’s love declaration for his football side, Manchester United. How cool is that? How perfectly English is that?

Next, the tea itself. Into the deeply stained interior of this well-loved and used tea pot went three bags, but not until Tim had warmed the pot first with some hot water. But this is key: The tea he used is called PG Tips. Tim told me that if I went to London tomorrow, odds were better than two to one that the tea I’d be served in anyone’s home would be PG. So this was the real real deal, and I was just soaking it all UP!

In went the water once it was ready and the steeping time was set to exactly six minutes. Don’t ask, just do. And don’t forget to warm that pot first too!

When it was ready, he served it with about one teaspoon of sugar and a splash of milk, and let me tell you, it was heaven in a cup! Off to the grocers I went the very next day, and it’s been nothing but PG Tips ever since.

But, since we’re on the subject, I’ll end with other teas I like: The Empress Hotel blend, available from the The Empress Hotel in beautiful Victoria. B.C.; any good quality loose Chamomile (excellent at night); Tea India, which acts as a base for the best Chai I have ever had, courtesy of Half Moon Bay, CA’s famous Raman; and Fortnum & Mason’s amazing Smoky Earl Grey.

OK? So now what, is this blog going to turn into “recipe hour with DJ Adrian”?

It just might! Don’t tempt me… : )

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Hello world!

Thank you WordPress!

Blogging? Looks like I’m late to another tech party…

Oh – well, that’s cool. I hope to make up for lost time. And hey, at least I’m never late for *real* parties…

Now, let’s have some fun!

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