About DJ Adrian…


My name is Adrian Cavlan. I am a Disc Jockey, Master Of Ceremonies, and the proud 1/2 owner (along with my partner King Raffi of one of the best Mobile DJ and Videography companies you will find: Sound In Motion DJs & Video.

I’ll try to show you all a little bit about what my world as a professional DJ and MC is like. Man, do I ever love it, and I hope you will too : )

It all starts when I get my new camera, a Canon S5IS which can record good quality video too. This ought to be fun!

This is the technical side of my tool kit: I designed it, spec’d it, built it and (ohhhhh myyyy…) paid for it. It is unique: there is not another like it in the world to my knowledge. It is built on the idea that high-quality mp3 files are a great way to manage a very large and diverse music library, but hand controlling the mixing aspect makes for the best possible mixes. Thus, this hybrid new-school/old-school approach is the way I work. Best of both worlds, right?

Adrian's DJ rig

Adrian's DJ rig

  • Here is an excerpt from my first post that I feel belongs here so more people can always see it. I think it sums up my feelings about my job very well:

    “Have I yet said how much I absolutely LOVE the people I have the good fortune of working with for their weddings?

    No? Well, let me say it right here, right now.

    Tina and Jim were a joy to be around and just wanted to have a fun, meaningful wedding day and a ripping party at night. I think we managed to hit that!

    That is my client right there: I am happiest when I get to have BOTH. Let me make that clear. Because I live for the emotion and connection between people celebrating their love for each other. It gets me high. I was never a drug guy, so it’s not about that – like some weird vicarious high thing or whatever. No, it is truly about this indescribable connection I am privileged to be able to make with people at such an emotionally charged, high-stakes moment in their lives.

    I have the best job ever. Ever. End of story. And I enjoy it… every second of it… and appreciate it for all that it is worth.

    Man – was that sappy? Maybe. But at least it’s honest : )”


    Now, let’s have some fun!

  • 2 responses to “About DJ Adrian…

    1. Beth Curran

      Hi there Adrian,
      I was going through some old boxes of memorabilia and came across the nice note you sent us after our wedding at Villa Montalvo in June 1997. I quickly found your blog online and see that you are still a classy, thoughtful, and of course talented guy. We have so many fond memories of our wedding, and your music and MC’ing were the best! So thank you once again.

      12 years later, John and I are still happily married, the parents of 8 year old twins, living our dream having built a house on the central coast where we moved last fall from the Bay Area. John is our “house DJ” playing jazz, R&B, classical, funk, rock, whatever strikes the mood and the occasion, on the iPod. I’ve learned to really enjoy his breakfast music choices, and the kids get into the beat, too.

      Anyhow, wishing you continued success and happiness.

      Beth Curran

      • Wow Beth! What a great surprise to hear from you all these years later : )

        I am so happy to hear that life has been treating you and John so well. Isn’t being a parent wonderful? And twins? Wow again!

        I am always telling my employees how people will remember their wedding celebrations their whole lives, and that that is what’s so special about being part of them. Thank you for reminding me of this in such a thoughtful way.

        Please give my best to John and tell him to keep rockin’ the kitchen sets, and I thank you for thinking of me and getting back in contact.

        Best wishes always,


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