“Rock ‘n Roll, son…”

GREAT story:

One time, a friend of mine’s dad was on a flight that landed at this tiny little airport in Southern Cal.

He gets off the plane, walks along the tarmac and enters a small building. He needs to go to the second floor so he gets into the elevator to go up, and notices a guy standing in there already. Her dad just walks in, but then something starts tugging at him.

It’s just the two of them in the elevator. The guy is kind of older, wearing sunglasses… but there is just something about him. Her dad gathers the courage to look up and take a good, long look at this guy. He definitely knows him from somewhere.

Then, he notices the hair. Auburn. Wild once, but reluctantly tamed in its later years…

And then it hit him.

He smiled. Looked at the guy one last time, tilted his head slightly back and said in a slow, descending, reverent cadence “Jerry-Lee-Lewis.”

Jerry Lee looked up at her dad, nodded his head slightly and answered: “Rock ‘n Roll, son”.



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2 responses to ““Rock ‘n Roll, son…”

  1. Spaceman

    Nice story Adrian! I like the picture with the red suit too. That reminds me of the time I saw Jerry Lee Lewis at the Saddlerack in 1985. I still had long hair, was wearing a black leather jacket, and red Converse hightops. The goatropers kept staring at me and saying things to each other. I kept my back to walls and other things, but nobody did anything other than make the random remark or half dozen…

  2. Adrian

    The man who told me this story, Kent Balch, passed unexpectedly just a few days ago. His family are our friends and we miss them now that they live in Olympia, WA.

    R.I.P. Kent, and remember: Rock ‘n Roll, son.

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