Jocelyn & Eric October 10, 2009

On October 10, I had the distinct pleasure of being the Master Of Ceremonies, Music Programmer, Deejay and Sound Engineer for Jocelyn & Eric’s wedding celebration at the beautiful and historic Hollins House at Pasatiempo in Santa Cruz.

They were a fabulous couple to work with: mellow, nice, intelligent folks who, over time, were able to really hone in on the most subtle and important details of how they wanted their wedding day to unfold. In every nook and cranny of their wedding, you had a palpable sense of the fact that you were at Jocelyn and Eric’s wedding, not just “a wedding”, and I was so proud to be a part of making it all happen.

The ceremony was outside on the gazebo lawn, with a beautiful vista of the Monterey Bay off in the distance. Jocelyn and Eric had a quartet of their college friends come up from Southern California to play as a string quartet for the ceremony and I mic’d that separately so that it would come through the PA and enrich the overall coverage of the music: it worked beautifully! And this quartet – let me say that I have heard string quartets far and wide, most of which are passable, some of which are quite good and others which, truth be told, have been an audible embarrassment to themselves. This group of young ladies, however? This group was tight. They were in-tune, had great intonation, nice tone and had obviously played together for many hours (if not presently, at least at some point). It was a pleasure hearing them, as they rendered the pieces with tasteful detail and dynamics. Bravo!

Jocelyn’s uncle from Ohio led the proceedings in a very nice and personal way, and then, it was off to the cocktail hour and reception!

Hollins House Wedding Gazebo - The ceremony's over, but the glow lingers into the night.

Hollins House Wedding Gazebo - The ceremony's over, but the glow lingers into the night.

For the cocktail hour, Jocelyn and Eric wanted a real signature sound, featuring the music of Belle And Sebastian, Vampire Weekend and other like-artists. They burned me a couple of CDs of all of their favorites and then I keyed and BPM’d all of the songs and set about putting together a smooth, musically sensible playlist that would get all of the songs in. Again, after a little bit of time spent, it worked beautifully!

Dinner was… wonderful! You cannot expect it to be anything else with the crew at the Hollins House in charge! Margy Siefert, my long-time friend, is one of the most experienced and respected wedding professionals in the Santa Cruz area, and her seamless, sure-handed control of the execution of every aspect of this wedding paid off as it always does with her and the Hollins House: perfection.

The Hollins House table setting... what a view, huh?

The Hollins House table setting... what a view, huh?

Then, of course, it was time to dance. I was lucky enough to be able to play a dance set that stretched for well over three hours (although for me, that is a walk in the park – I have DJ’d weddings that have gone 10-plus hours before… and no repeats, either! ; ) and featured a wide variety of hit music from all eras and styles. And the neat thing is that when you have that much time to dance, you don’t need to just skim the surface of each genre: you can really dig in and play some exciting, atypical, great music! The dance floor was moving the whole time to all of it, and I was happy that what I did ended up working so well.

Jocelyn, Eric, families and friends enjoying a spin...

Jocelyn, Eric, families and friends enjoying a spin...

In the midst of it all was a cake cutting that featured a whiskey toast to all of their guests from Jocelyn and Eric. This was carefully planned in advance by them, myself, Margy and the catering staff at the venue, and as a result, went off perfectly, without any delay, and was a signature highlight of the reception. Fantastic, fantastic stuff, huh? : )

The whiskey toast - a signature moment... I'll have mine after I get home!

The whiskey toast - a signature moment... I'll have mine after I get home!

All of the pictures you see above are from another good friend who is one of the top photographers you can hire, Steve Kurtz. He set the bar in Santa Cruz many years ago that all other area photographers aimed to reach, and after many years in the business, he hasn’t slowed down even a bit. He was a great match for Jocelyn and Eric; I can remember how delighted I was the day they told me they had chosen him: “a perfect match”, I remember thinking. Be sure to check him out if you want clean, classic, technically perfect photography that will never look dated or go out of style.

Flowers were by another good friend of mine, Wendy Melrose of Fionna Floral. If you are looking for a fun, friendly, artistic local florist who is one of the very best around, she’s your gal!

All in all, dear readers, a wonderful day that I won’t forget. If you’d like to consider me as your wedding DJ and MC, please call Sound In Motion today at 831.427.0700.

Jocelyn & Eric - Thank you for having me!

Jocelyn & Eric - Thank you for having me!


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