Blythe & Sean – 6/14/08 @ Clos La Chance

Funny thing with this wedding is that since my good friend Amy Paris was the wedding coordinator and did such a great job pre-planning and doing the legwork for the bride & groom, I didn’t have the opportunity to get to know them before the wedding as much as I would have liked to. But, the great news is that because of Amy’s great work, the wedding day couldn’t have gone better!

Besides Blythe (isn’t that a cool name? I love it!) and Sean, certainly the other star of the show was the venue. Clos la Chance is, simply put, one of the most stunning venues in the Bay Area. It is located in San Martin, near Morgan Hill, and besides being a beautiful place and a family-run business (thanks Murphys!), it is also a top-notch working winery that turns out award-winning wines every year like clockwork!

Here is a shot of the rear veranda. In the distance across the expansive lawn, you can see the trellis, where ceremonies are held. To the right of that is the Mulberry Grove, where the cocktail hour is held. I’m telling you, it is a magnificent facility. You’d be hard-pressed to do better anywhere.

Clos La Chance - romance defined

Clos La Chance - romance defined

After yet another unforgettable meal served by Le Papillon (again, you’d be hard-pressed to do better anywhere…), it was off to dancing in the Chateau. Blythe and Sean shared their first dance to “It’s Your Love” by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, a great love song, and then it was a big mix of stuff with an emphasis on what was hot current Top 40 at that time.

Here’s a video clip of some dancing, but take special note of an awesome laser special effect light I have called The Bliss Light. This thing is unique and very, very costly, but take a look at how incredible the effect is: notice the subtle movement of the “stars” and the ultraviolet “nebula” cloud that is in the middle and acts as a backdrop to the stars. And all of this in a little tiny box, with enough throw to fill a school gymnasium!

Check it out:

Photography, outstanding as always, was provided by Janae Shields. In fact, check this out: when Janae photographed and I DJ’d Amy’s sister Alli’s wedding last year, we were featured in The Knot!


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  1. Thanks for the kind words about the winery!

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